Our People

Current residents

Silviu Diaconu, MD (Independent)


Chief Resident

Hometown: Iasi, Romania

Undergraduate: Vanderbilt University

Medical School: Northwestern University

Postgraduate Training: George Washington University

Clinical/Research Interests: Craniomaxillofacial reconstruction, abdominal wall reconstruction, 3D printing in surgery

Hobbies: Traveling, snowboarding, spending time with family

Jason Gardenier, MD (Independent)


Chief Resident

Hometown: Washington, DC

Undergraduate: William and Mary

Medical School: University of Virginia

Postgraduate Training: New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell

Research Fellowship: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Clinical/Research Interests: Lymphatic biology, oncologic and trauma/burn reconstruction

Hobbies: World history, running, hiking, travel

Timothy Irwin, MD (Integrated)


Chief Resident

Hometown: Flemington, NJ

Undergraduate: Grove City College

Medical School: Pennsylvania State University

Clinical/Research Interests: Pediatric craniofacial surgery, global surgery

Hobbies: Running, lifting, football/lacrosse, hiking, sailing, exploring new restaurants/craft breweries

Dylan Perry, MD (Integrated)


Chief Resident

Hometown: Hingham, MA

Undergraduate: Colby College

Medical School: University of Massachusetts

Clinical/Research Interests: Microsurgery, surgical education, and technology

Hobbies: Skiing, soccer, travel, keeping up with friends in the real world

Arman Serebrakian, MD, MS (Integrated)


Chief Resident

Hometown: Novato, CA

Undergraduate: University of Colorado

Graduate School: University of Colorado

Medical School: Temple University School of Medicine

Clinical/Research Interests: Hand surgery, surgical education, entrepreneurship

Hobbies: Skiing, yoga, waterskiing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, piano, tennis, reading biographies

Vishwanath (CV) Chegireddy, MD (Independent)



Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Undergraduate: University of Georgia

Medical School: Morehouse School of Medicine

Postgraduate Training: Houston Methodist Hospital

Research Fellowship: Institute of Reconstructive Surgery, Houston Methodist Hospital 

Clinical/Research Interests: Abdominal wall reconstruction, microsurgery, surgical education, clinical outcomes

Hobbies: Travel, food, basketball, spending time with family

Jason Clain, MD (Integrated)



Hometown: Riverside, CT

Undergraduate: Tufts University 

Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine

Clinical/Research Interests: Free-tissue transfer, microsurgery, hand surgery

Hobbies: Cooking, sailing, skiing, running, trying out new Boston restaurants

Ashley Ehret, MD (Independent)



Hometown: Hamilton, NJ

Undergraduate: The College of New Jersey

Medical School: Rutgers - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Postgraduate Training: Temple University Hospital 

Clinical/Research Interests: Quality improvement and cost effective care, postoperative pain control, surgical education

Hobbies: Traveling, spending time with family, beach days, gardening, reading surgical history books

Brittany Vieira, MD (Integrated)



Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Undergraduate: Boston University

Medical School: Northwestern University

Clinical/Research Interests: Microsurgery, breast reconstruction, surgical education, postoperative pain control, cost-effective care

Hobbies: Yoga, cycling, traveling, cooking, gardening

Frankie K. Wong, MD (Integrated)



Hometown: Hong Kong and Los Angeles, CA

Undergraduate: Harvard College

Medical School: University of California, Los Angeles

Clinical/Research Interests: Stem cell and developmental biology, post-traumatic reconstruction

Hobbies: Family time, horseracing, traveling, basketball

Eric Emberton, MD (Independent)



Hometown: Tompkinsville, KY

Undergraduate: Western Kentucky University

Medical School: University of Louisville School of Medicine

Clinical/Research Interests: Hand/Microsurgery, post-traumatic reconstruction, fluorescence imaging in surgery

HobbiesPower and Olympic lifting, ancient Greek history, fishing (salt and freshwater), most things outdoors

Olivia Abbate Ford, MD (Integrated)



Hometown: Old Bethpage, NY

Undergraduate: Harvard College

Medical School: Georgetown University

Clinical/Research Interests: Breast reconstruction, medical device design, medical illustrations

Hobbies: Running, spending time with family, weekends on the water

Sarah Karinja, MD (Integrated)



Hometown: West Orange, NJ

Undergraduate: Columbia University

Medical School: Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

Clinical/Research Interests: Microsurgery, breast reconstruction

Hobbies: Snowboarding, hiking with my dog

Justin McCarty, DO, MPH (Independent)



Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Undergraduate: Pennsylvania State University

Graduate School: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Clinical/Research Interests: Craniofacial surgery, microsurgical reconstruction, surgical education, mixed methods research, clinical and patient reported outcomes research

Hobbies: Spending time with my better half, gardening, travel, trying new restaurants

Eric Wenzinger, MD (Integrated)



Hometown: Manassas, VA

Undergraduate: University of Alabama

Medical School: University of South Carolina

Clinical/Research Interests: Congenital hand, peripheral nerve, healthcare delivery optimization

Hobbies: Wood turning, film photography, culinary arts

Brittany Caruso, MD (Integrated)



Hometown: Hampton Falls, NH

Undergraduate: Simmons College

Medical School: Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University 

Clinical/Research Interests: Breast reconstruction, aesthetic surgery, Mohs reconstruction, microsurgery

Hobbies: Traveling, reading, skiing, spending time with family and friends

Seth Fruge, MD (Integrated)



Hometown: Welsh, LA

Undergraduate: Louisiana State University 

Medical School: LSU Health Sciences Center - Shreveport

Clinical/Research Interests: Craniomaxillofacial trauma, peripheral nerve, migraine surgery, breast reconstruction, medical device design, clinical outcomes

Hobbies: Free-diving, spearfishing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, tennis, offshore fishing, hunting, enjoying time with family

Kimberly Khouri, MD (Integrated)



Hometown: Key Biscayne, FL

Undergraduate: Wake Forest University

Medical School: NYU School of Medicine

Clinical/Research Interests: Microsurgery, hand surgery, vascularized composite allotransplantation, clinical outcomes

Hobbies: Running, spearfishing, scuba diving, skiing, hiking

Charles Hwang, MD (Integrated)



Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA

Undergraduate: Northwestern University

Medical School: University of Michigan

Clinical/Research Interests: Peripheral nerve injury, hand surgery, big data/bioinformatics, biomedical engineering, patient/medical education

Hobbies: Skiing, golf, Peloton, Broadway, Formula One

Ian McCulloch, MD (Integrated)



Hometown: Beckley, WV

Undergraduate: West Virginia University

Graduate School: University of St. Andrews

Medical School: West Virginia University

Clinical/Research Interests: Pediatric plastic surgery, medical device development, entrepreneurship, patient access to care

Hobbies: Woodworking, hunting, golf, skiing, being a fun uncle

Ricardo Ortiz, MD (Integrated)



Hometown: San Ramon, CA

Undergraduate: University of California - Irvine

Medical School: Harvard Medical School

Clinical/Research Interests: Peripheral nerve, hand, craniofacial, general reconstruction

Hobbies: Snowboarding, automotive enthusiasm, biking, going to the beach, traveling

Ryoko Hamaguchi, MD (Integrated)



Hometown: Osaka, Japan

Undergraduate: Stanford University

Medical School: Harvard Medical School

Clinical/Research Interests: All aspects of reconstructive surgery, wound healing, regenerative medicine and stem cell biology, tissue engineering

Hobbies: Medical illustration, enjoying new podcasts and audiobooks, hiking, running, sharing my Japanese culture with my found family and friends in Boston

Harriet Kiwanuka, MD (Integrated)



Hometown: Norwood, MA

Undergraduate: Princeton University

Medical School: Stanford University School of Medicine

Clinical/Research Interests: Microsurgery, burn reconstruction, healthcare inequities, clinical outcomes, mentorship of underrepresented minorities in Medicine

Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, writing, running outdoors, reading, traveling/exploring new places

Ogonna Nnamani Silva, MD (Integrated)



Hometown: Normal, Il

Undergraduate: Stanford University

Medical School: University of California, San Francisco 

Clinical/Research Interests: Microsurgery, hand surgery, surgical education, global health

Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, cooking, knitting, sports, travel.


Program Leadership

Program Director: Kyle Eberlin, MD

Associate Program Director: Lydia Helliwell, MD


Site Director at Massachusetts General Hospital: Eric Liao, MD, PhD

Site Director at Brigham & Women's Hospital: Justin Broyles, MD

Site Director at Boston Children's Hospital: Ingrid Ganske, MD


Executive committee

Residency Program Director: Kyle Eberlin, MD

Chief Faculty Members:

William G. Austen, Jr., MD

Branko Bojovic, MD

John Meara, MD, DDS

Andrea Pusic, MD, MHS

Chief Resident Representatives:

Jason Gardenier, MD

Arman Serebrakian, MD, MS



Brigham and Women's Hospital

Andrea Pusic, MD, MHS

Professor of Surgery

Chief, Division of Plastic Surgery

Director, Patient-Reported Outcomes, Values & Experience (PROVE) Center

Shailesh Agarwal, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery 

Justin Broyles, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Matthew Carty, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery

Director, Lower Extremity Transplant Program

Yoon S. Chun, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery

Director, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Jessica Erdmann-Sager, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Lydia Helliwell, MD

Instructor of Surgery

 Associate Program Director, Harvard Plastic Surgery Residency Program

Dennis P. Orgill, MD, PhD

Professor of Surgery

Medical Director, BWH Wound Care Center

Kavitha Ranganathan, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Director, Craniofacial Surgery

Christian Sampson, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Indranil Sinha, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Simon Talbot, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery

Director, Upper Extremity Transplant Program


Children's Hospital of Boston

John Meara, MD, DMD, MBA

Professor of Surgery

Plastic Surgeon-in-Chief

Steen C. and Carmella R Steven C. and Carmella R. Kletjian Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine in the Field of Global Surgery

Oren Ganor, MD

Instructor of Surgery

Ingrid Ganske, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Arin K. Greene, MD, MMSc

Professor of Surgery

Brian Labow, MD

Associate Plastic Surgeon-in-Chief

Associate Professor of Surgery

Director, Adolescent Breast Clinic

John Mulliken, MD

Professor of Surgery

Director, Craniofacial Center

Co-Director, Vascular Anomalies Center

Carolyn Rogers-Vizena, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Amir Taghinia, MD, MPH, MBA

Associate Professor of Surgery


Massachusetts General Hospital

William G. Austen, Jr., MD

Professor of Surgery

Chief, Division of Plastic Surgery

Chief, Division of Burn Surgery

Curtis Cetrulo, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Director, Vascularized Composite Tissue Allotransplantation

Amy S. Colwell, MD

Professor of Surgery

Quality Director, Division of Plastic Surgery

Kyle Eberlin, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery

Program Director, Harvard Plastic Surgery Residency Program

Associate Director, MGH Hand Surgery Fellowship

Richard Ehrlichman, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Eric (Chienwei) Liao, MD, PhD

Professor of Surgery

Chief of Staff, Shriner's Hospital for Children

Chief Research Officer at MGH

Ian Valerio, MD, MS, MBA

Jonathan Winograd, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery

Michael Yaremchuck, MD

Professor of Surgery

Director, Craniofacial Surgery


Shriner's Hospital for Children

Matthias B. Donelan, MD

Associate Clinical Professor

Branko Bojovic, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Chief, Division of Plastic Surgery

Daniel Driscoll, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery


Program Staff

Program Manager: Michele Barnes

MGH Coordinator: Eric Fjeld

Shriners Coordinator: Laura Jordan




Class of 2021

Mario Aycart, MD, Craniofacial Fellowship, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON

Lisa Gfrerer, MD, PhD, Peripheral Nerve Fellowship, MGH, Boston, MA

Brent Pickrell, MD, Hand Surgery Fellowship, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA

Jacob Rinkinen, MD, Microsurgery Fellowship, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA

Ravi Sood, MD, MS, Hand Surgery Fellowship, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Class of 2020

Joani Christensen, MD, Microsurgery Fellowship, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

William K. Collins, MD, MBA, Academic Practice, Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, MA

Ashleigh Francis, MD, Microsurgery Fellowship, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Mark Greyson, MD, Hand Surgery Fellowship, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

David Mattos, MD, MBA, Private Practice, Long Island Plastic Surgery, New York, NY

Erin Taylor, MD, Microsurgery Fellowship, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY

Class of 2019

Avery Capone, MD, Private Practice, Pittsburgh, PA

Ryan Cauley, MD, MPH, Microsurgery Fellowship, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA

Shawn Diamond, MD, Hand Surgery Fellowship, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA

Brian Freniere, MD, Hand Surgery Fellowship, MGH, Boston, MA

Johanna Riesel, MD, Craniofacial Fellowship, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON

Daniel Roh, MD, PhD, Academic Practice, Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA

Class of 2018

Ramon Arscott, MD, PhD, Private Practice, Kingston, Jamaica & Bermuda

Erez Dayan, MD, Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship, Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, Dallas, TX

Christopher Hughes, MD, MPH, Pediatric Craniofacial Fellowship, Boston Children's Hospital

Edward Kobraei, Hand Surgery Fellowship, University of Southern California

Nikki Phillips, MD, Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship, Gold Coast, Australia

Brady Sieber, MD, Microsurgery Fellowship, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, Boston, MA

Class of 2017

William Knaus II, MD, Hand Surgery Fellowship, Massachusetts General Hospital

Joseph A. Ricci, MD, Microsurgery Fellowship, NYU

Harry Salinas, MD, Private Practice, Miami, FL

Akhil Seth, MD, Microsurgery Fellowship, Memorial Sloan Kettering, NY

Geoffrey Sisk, MD, Reconstructive Microsurgery Fellowship, MD Anderson Medical Center, TX

Mathew Treiser, MD, PhD, Hand Surgery Fellowship, Curtis National Hand Center

Class of 2016  

Michael Frederick, MD, Private Practice, Palm Beach, FL

Aladdin Hassanein, MD, Microsurgery Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University

Lydia Helliwell, MD, Hand Surgery Fellowship, Massachusetts General Hospital

Paul Hwang, MD, Military, Walter Reed Hospital

Neelesh Kantak, MD, Private Practice, Washington, DC

Jeffrey Lee, MD, Craniofracial Fellowship, Massachusetts General Hospital

Class of 2015  

Emily Clarke-Pearson, MD, MEd, Microsurgery Fellowship,Johns Hopkins University

Eugene Fukudome, MD, Plastic Surgery Trauma Fellowship, BWH

Ingrid Ganske, MD, MPA, Pediatric Craniofacial Fellowship, Childrens Hospital Boston

Ryan Gobble, MD, Academic Practice, University of Cincinnati

Theodore Nyame, MD, Private Practice, Charlotte, NC

Todd Theman, MD, Hand Fellowship, UCLA


Class of 2014  

Theo Gerstle, M.D.Private Practice, Lexington, KY

John Krikham, M.D.Private Practice, Portland, ME

Frank Lau, M.D.Academic Practice, New Orleans, LA

Rick Reish, M.D.Academic/Private Practice, New York, NY

Indi Sinha, M.D.Burn Fellowship, BWH

Art Truko, M.D.Hand Fellowship, MGH


Class of 2013  

Kyle Eberlin, M.D. Ortho Hand Fellowship, MGH

Ivan Hadad, M.D. Academic Practice, Indiana University

Edward Malin, M.D. Military Commitment, Seattle

Neil McMullin, M.D. Military Commitment, Texas

Miguel Medina, M.D. Craniofacial Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University

Raj Vyas, M.D. Craniofacial Fellowship, NYU


Class of 2012  

Raul Cortes, M.D. Hand Fellowship, UCLA

Randall Craft, M.D. Academic PracticePhoenix, AZ

Douglas Helm, M.D. Hand Fellowship, UMass

Dzifa Kpodzo, M.D. Aesthetic Fellowship, PACES Altanta, GA

Christian Vercler, M.D. Craniofacial Fellowship, University of Michigan

Tormod Westvik, M.D. Private Practice, Norway


Class of 2011  

Jessica Erdmann-Sager, M.D. Microsurgery Fellowship, Pennsylvania

Richard Kutz, M.D., M.P.H. Private Practice, Maine

Allen Liu, M.D. Ortho Hand Fellowship, California

Wojteck Przylecki, M.D. Microsurgery & Hand Fellowship, California

Dhruv Singhal, M.D. Craniofacial Fellowship, Taiwan

Matthew Thomas, M.D. Ortho Hand Fellowship, Massachusetts


Class of 2010  

Brian Andrews, M.D. Craniofacial Fellowship, Los Angeles, CA

Branko Bojovic, M.D. Craniofacial Fellowship, Baltimore, MD

Rodney Chan, M.D. Military Burn Unit, San Antonio, TX

Jason Cooper, M.D. North Shore Hospital Practice, Salem, MA

Tristan Hartzell, M.D. Hand Fellowship, Los Angeles, CA

Simon Talbot, M.D. Hand Fellowship, Boston, MA


Class of 2009  

Edward J. Caterson, M.D., Ph.D.Craniofacial Fellowship, Academic practiceBoston, MA

Jon Mathy, M.D. Fellowship, New Zealand

Evan Matros, M.D. Microsurgery Fellowship, New York, NY

Brian Parrett, M.D. Microsurgery Fellowship, San Francisco, CA

Emily Ridgeway, M.D. Craniofacial Fellowship, Boston, MA


Class of 2008  

Matthew J. Carty, M.D. Hand Fellowship, Academic practice, Boston, MA

Amy S. Colwell, M.D. Academic practice, Boston, MA

(Chienwei) Eric Liao, M.D., Ph.D. Academic practice, Boston, MA

Jerome Sepic, M.D. Private practice, Portsmouth, NH

Helena Taylor, M.D., Ph.D. Craniofacial Surgery Fellowship, Toronto, Canada


Class of 2007  

Jesus A. Garcia, M.D., Ph.D. Private Group Practice, Sacramento, CA

Evan S. Garfein Reconstructive and Microsurgery Fellowship, Academic practice, New York, NY

Terri J. Halperin Private Practice, Brookline, MA

Stephanie L. Kwei Private Practice, Peabody, MA

James D. Schlenker Hand Fellowship, Seattle, WA

Amir H. Taghinia Hand Fellowship, Academic practice, Boston, MA


Class of 2006  

Christopher J. Davidson Private practice, Boston, MA

Arin K. Greene Craniofacial fellowship, Academic practice, Boston, MA

Ziv M. Peled Peripheral nerve fellowship, Tucson, AZ

Alexandra K. Schmidek Academic/private practice, Seattle, WA

Sean A. Wright Private practice, West Chester, PA


Class of 2005  

Yoon S. Chun Academic practice, Boston, MA

John P. Connors Academic/private practice, Worcester, MA

Lifei Guo Hand/micro  fellowship, Academic practice, Boston, MA

Jaromir Slama Hand/micro fellowship, Academic practice, Boston, MA

Steven M. Warren Craniofacial Fellowhip, Academic practice, New York, NY


Class of 2004  

Ayman Al-Sheikh Hand/microsurgery Fellowship, Boston, MA

Alan A. T. Lim United States Navy 

Bohdan Pomahac Academic practice, Boston, MA


Class of 2003  

Virginia S. Hung Peripheral nerve fellowship,  Private practice, Boston,MA

Brian I. Labow Hand/micro fellowship, Academic practice, Boston, MA

Barry D. Martin United States Army 

Vivian Ting Academic/private practice, San Francisco, CA

Lance E. Wyatt Private practice, Los Angeles, CA


Class of 2002  

William G. (Jay) Austen Pediatric fellowship, Academic practice, Melbourne, Australia

Parham A. Ganchi Academic practice, Wayne, NJ

Christopher T. Maloney Peripheral nerve fellowship, Private practice Tucson, AZ

Kiumars (Kiya) Movassaghi Private practice, Eugene, OR

J. Peter Rubin Academic practice, Pittsburgh, PA